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Kaye and students from a local private school following a tour of the gallery.

The KSB Miniatures Collection not only introduces students to the fine art of miniatures, but encourages them to look at history through the countless houses and room boxes filled with historically accurate scenes from all around the world. One exhibit may show tiny working scientific tools, while another may illustrate a scene from a Charles Dickens’ novel. All will amaze and challenge students to examine and calculate the items in their one-twelfth-scale relationship to the actual items. 

In the Regional History Museum students can experience Mason County’s history through exhibits, artifacts, and dioramas and their time spent in the Genealogical & Historical Research Library will give them information on how to research their own family tree. All three museum segments come together to offer a wealth of learning opportunities related to history, art, math, language arts, social studies, and more.

The Kentucky Gateway Museum Center offers tours for students throughout the school year. The cost is $2.00 per student and includes a guided tour of the KSB Miniatures Collection, the Regional History Museum, and the Genealogical & Historical Research Library. Students spend approximately 20 to 30 minutes in each part of the museum. Many times, it is Kaye, herself, who takes students through the miniatures gallery. If teachers would like to discuss specific lesson ideas ahead of time, she will be happy to oblige.

Please read the Teacher's Pre-Visit Guide for detailed information on scheduling and preparation.

To schedule a school tour call 606-564-5865.

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KSB Miniatures Collection at The Kentucky Gateway Museum Center
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