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The Painted Room of Spencer House by Mulvany & Rogers

The Painted Room of Spencer House re-creates one of the most famous 18th century interiors in England.

Spencer House, the ancestral home of Princess Diana in 1/12th scale, is the KSB Miniatures Collection’s signature exhibit and one of the most spectacular rooms in this beloved structure is the Painted Room. Visitors to the gallery are as drawn to the room in miniature as real-life visitors were to the space in 1765 when it was completed in London. It is to this day one of the most famous eighteenth-century interiors in England.

The elegant neoclassic design features art and architecture from Greece, Rome, Renaissance Italy and 17th century Flanders signifying love and marriage, fidelity, art and music. The original decorative theme by James ‘Athenian’ Stuart is based on his travels to Pompeii, Herculaneum and ancient Rome and features turtledoves, myrtle and cherubs. Mulvany & Rogers spent five weeks using size 00 and 000 brushes to draw, paint and finely gild the room as seen throughout on the ceiling, moldings, columns, cornices and woodwork.

Mulvany & Rogers spent five weeks drawing, painting and gilding the room which features art signifying love, marriage, fidelity, art and music.

Of special interest is the painting in the fireplace surround entitled Aldobrandini Wedding, a wonderful example of classical paintings of the time depicting a wedding along with several mythological figures. The original fresco discovered in 1601 in Rome is displayed in the Vatican Museum. On top of the mantle note the terracotta tablet with cherubs that are only 5/8 of an inch high. The tablet itself measures 2 by 1 inches. Adding sparkle to all this room offers are John Hodgson’s candelabra, torchieres and furniture.

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